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Greenway Biergarten / Wine Bar

Following a Request for Qualifications (now closed), The Greenway Conservancy is accepting proposals for a unique opportunity to pilot a beer garden and/or wine bar on The Greenway’s innovative, urban park space! The Conservancy is seeking a creative entrepreneur or company that will bring ingenuity, passion, and ambiance that reflects Boston’s status as a premiere and hip destination for craft beer and spirits to The Greenway. We hope to find concepts that are fun, streamlined, distinctive, and bring a unique, casual, and invigorating vibe to our space. 

Greenway Biergarten / Wine Bar FAQ

Q: Can we build a permanent structure for the Biergarten?
A: No, all structures must be temporary. 2017 is a pilot year for the Biergarten on The Greenway and the Conservancy may consider a permanent structure in future years. 

Q: Should the Respondent plan to provide tables and seating?
A: Yes, please consider infrastructure that includes seating. 

Q: Do you have an estimated guest count for a typical Friday or Saturday? Market day vs. non-market day?  
A: As this is a new initiative, we do not have estimated guest counts but below are a few figures we can provide based on food trucks and summer events.

  • There are five food trucks on Rowes Wharf, Monday to Friday, which have an estimate of 1000 customers within a three hour period. 
  • Summer events (eg. African Festival, Chiofaro Concert) routinely bring about 1500-2000 people per hour to the area. 
  • Other: There are 230 rooms at the Boston Harbor Hotel and 628 units in the Harbor Towers. The New England Aquarium regularly attracts 1.3 million visitors per year.
Q: Will the Respondent be expected to provide portable toilets for any day there is service? When does the city provide vs. Respondent provide?
A: Portable toilets will need to be provided by the Respondent if required by City permitting.

Q: Can alcoholic beverages other than beer and wine be served?
A: Serving other alcoholic beverages may be dependent on City permitting requirements. The Conservancy expects to collaborate with the successful Respondent to reach the final concept and offerings.  

Q: Can the Biergarten structure be mobile?
A: The Conservancy is open to a mobile structure and encourages the Respondent to set up a facility and utilize equipment of a premium quality and design to create a fun ambiance that is consistent with the location and Greenway brand.   

Q: If the Biergarten does not have food will there be food trucks present?
A: Serving food items may be dependent on City permitting requirements. The Conservancy expects to collaborate with the successful Respondent to reach the final concept and offerings. The Conservancy does manage a Mobile Eats program.

Partner Requests for Proposals:

Greenway Open Market

Our Open Market is currently seeking vendors for the 2017 season via market operator New England Open Markets. More information is available at this external site.

Farmers Market Program

In addition, we work with the Boston Public Market to organize and operate four farmers markets weekly in season on the Greenway, with two (Mon, Wed) in the North End at the Greenway location and two (Tue, Thu) at Dewey Square Park. Farmers' Market season is Memorial Day weekend through Thanksgiving each year.  Visit their website for more information.

Closed Requests for Proposals

The below RFPs are current closed; please check back as this page changes throughout the season. Please note that most of our RFP processes occur in the fall-winter. 

  •  Mobile Eats RFP
  • Greenway Open Market Operator: The Market is a hosted recurring program that features talented local area artists, crafters, entrepreneurs, and independent designers. It has seen five seasons of growing crowds and acclaim. 2016 saw 40-60 vendors hosted per occurrence throughout the season and The Greenway is excited to continue providing a premier public amenity. For more information about the 2017 Market season, please see our Events page.
  • Greenway Fitness Program presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts: The Greenway is dedicated to working with partners to provide free fitness classes, activate the park and keep Boston fit. The 2016 Greenway Fitness season saw over 120 classes run by 10 different community partners. Exercise programs ranged in size and frequency, and reached over 5000 attendees between June and September from the North End to Chinatown, bootcamps to pilates. We look forward to continued success in 2017. See the 2017 Greenway Fitness Request For Proposals.

Additional Information

There are currently no other plans for non-food vending on The Greenway. If you would like your business’ name placed on a list for future consideration, please email your contact information and a short description of your business to

Currently, there are no other business opportunities. If you would like to be considered for contract work with the Conservancy, please email your contact information and a short description of your business to

If you are interested in job opportunities with the Conservancy, please visit our Jobs page.

If you are interested in holding an event on The Greenway, please visit our Proposals page.

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