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The Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy has the following RFPs opportunities currently open for applications:

Artisan Market Program

The Greenway Conservancy is accepting proposals for the 2017 Rose Kennedy Greenway artisan market season. It is part of the Conservancy’s efforts to bring vibrancy and innovation to The Greenway,

The Market is a hosted recurring program that features talented local area artists, crafters, entrepreneurs, and independent designers. It has seen five seasons of growing crowds and acclaim. 2016 saw 40-60 vendors hosted per occurrence throughout the season and The Greenway is excited to continue providing a premier public amenity. For more information about the 2016 Market season, please see

With success to date, the Conservancy is implementing a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the 2017 Market season. This partner, who would work closely with the Conservancy, would have the opportunity to add elements and refresh programming in order to set it apart from other outdoor markets and continue to reflect the mission of The Greenway.

A market operator will be selected for the combination of a compelling vision, effective operations, experience, ability to execute, and financial offer to make the Market an innovative, distinctive, attractive, and sustainable destination for residents and visitors alike.


Questions & Answers


Question: Is there any on-site or nearby storage available for the market operator to utilize? 
Answer: There is no on-site storage available on The Greenway. The Conservancy can discuss potential solutions with the market operator if storage is required. 

Question: What is the current trash removal plan / schedule for the existing receptacles?
Answer: The Conservancy contracts daily trash removal from installed barrels within the park. If excessive trash is anticipated, the market operator will be responsible for removing the trash from the Market site. 

Question: How much clearance do you wish to keep on the sidewalk? (i.e. would tents be allowed / preferred on both sides of the pathway or just one?)
Answer: Due to high volumes of foot traffic, the Conservancy strives to keep sidewalks as open as possible. In the past, tents have been located on one side of the pathway.

Question: What is the food truck plan for 2017? Will they be at the same location (carousel concourse)?
Answer: The Greenway will curate food trucks for the Market. The number of proposed mobile shops and layout of the Market may impact the number of food trucks that can be included on The Greenway.
In previous seasons we have had up to six trucks throughout the Market: two at the Carousel, two at State Street, and two at Milk Street. Up to five trucks can be at High Street Rowes Wharf Plaza.

Question: Do you have any additional programming already planned for 2017 (music, beer garden, etc.) that we should consider? 
Answer: The Greenway hosts 400+ free public programs throughout the year and is planning to pilot a beer garden during the Market season. The layout of the Market could be impacted, though this has occurred infrequently in past seasons. The terms, layout, and execution of these events will be coordinated in partnership with the market operator.
Question: The RFP mentions not blocking trash receptacles or water fountains. I assume all of the existing benches will remain where they are and should be left clear as well? 
Answer: Similar to Question 3, the Conservancy would like to keep benches as clear as possible. The Conservancy is open to discussing the proposed Market layout.


Farmers Market Program

In addition, we work with the Boston Public Market to organize and operate four farmers markets weekly in season on the Greenway, with two (Mon, Wed) in the North End at the Greenway location and two (Tue, Thu) at Dewey Square Park. Farmers' Market season is Memorial Day weekend through Thanksgiving each year.  Visit their website for more information.


These RFP's are currently closed:

Mobile Eats RFP.

There are currently no other plans for non-food vending on the Greenway. If you would like your business’ name placed on a list for future consideration, please email your contact information and a short description of your business to

Currently, there are no other business opportunities.  If you would like to be considered for contract work with the Conservancy, please email your contact information and a short description of your business to

If you are interested in job opportunities with the Conservancy, please visit our Jobs page.

If you are interested in holding an event on The Greenway, please visit our Proposals page.

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