How to Order

1. Decide what you'd like to engrave on your paver.

  • Pavers are 6" x 6" stones that fit 14 characters per line, including spaces, and up to 4 lines of text.  All pavers on The Mothers’ Walk include 1 to 2 lines for the name, 1 line for the inscription from a choice of pre-set inscriptions, and a line for the date. The date line and the inscription line are both optional. 

  • Read our Mothers' Walk FAQs for inscription, appearance, installation, and location details.

2. Fill out the online paver order form with your $500* payment, contact information, inscription, and certificate information.

3. Once we have received your order, we will send a certificate and letter of acknowledgement including a proof of your inscription text for your approval and an approximate schedule for installation.

4. Your paver will be installed in our next batch.

  • We install once we reach a minimum number of orders. Engraving and installation times vary depending on batch size and weather. Pavers are not installed during the winter. 

5. Once your paver has been installed on The Greenway, you will receive an email notification linking to a map with the location of your paver on The Greenway.

  • Your paver will be installed in the next available location on The Greenway. We cannot guarantee a specific location. 

Ready to order? Visit the order form now!

Still have questions? Please read our FAQs

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