Greenway Marathon Team

Two of our staff, Elizabeth and Jessica, ran in the Marathon on April 15, 2013 for a local non-profit and the Greenway, respectively.  Two volunteers, Bryn and Karen, also ran to raise funds for us.  We were tracking their progress on the web and several of us were heading to a point about 1 mile from the end to cheer them on as they ran by.

We didn't get to see them.  Instead we encountered the start of the emergency response as we emerged from the subway.  When we reached the marathon route, we saw and the look of many stunned runners and onlookers as the crowd of runners backed up at Charlesgate and Commonwealth Ave.  We soon learned that both Elizabeth and Jessica were safe, as well as their family and friends who we watching or in some cases, running along with them.  Elizabeth made it to the top of Heartbreak Hill and Jessica made it to Charlesgate.

We're saddened by both the loss of life and the serious injuries that many people sustained.  We're grateful for the response by public safety and medical professionals and for the successful conclusion to the manhunt and standoff on Friday, April 19th.  We hope that answers to the many questions that we continue to have will emerge in the coming days, weeks and months.

Previously posted:

The Conservancy is participating in the 2013 Boston Marathon® through John Hancock’s Non-Profit Program® with two runners! To support their efforts, please visit our CrowdRise page and select a runner.

Are you already registered to run in the 2013 Boston Marathon? We’d love to have you on the 2013 Greenway Marathon Team! Help us keep the Greenway vibrant and beautiful by raising $750 (or more!) as your fundraising commitment. Just make sure to indicate that you are a registered runner and provide your registration number on your application.

For more information contact Ace Peckham at, or call 617-603-7719.

Thank you for your interest in participating in the 117th Boston Marathon on behalf of the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway Conservancy!

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