Become a Polli-neighbor Sponsor

Give the gift of environmental sustainability

Pollinators play a vital role in our ecosystem–even in our urban neighborhoods. Many plants are completely reliant on insects and birds visiting their flowers to create seeds and fruit that sustain the food web and help plants spread. The Greenway provides an oasis for many pollinator species facing population decline due to the loss or fragmentation of habitat. Our Pollinator Ribbon and organically maintained gardens create the pockets of food and shelter they need to thrive right in downtown Boston. By sponsoring a polli-neighbor, you are supporting the Conservancy’s work to protect these creatures, and educating yourself and others about the vital role they play in our park!

$45 Sponsor A Butterfly

Butterflies call The Greenway home all summer long, enjoying and pollinating a wide range of beautiful and native blooms. In particular, our milkweed plants provide sustenance for the beloved and stunning Monarch butterflies. These migratory creatures will grow from caterpillar to butterfly in our gardens, and migrate to Mexico to breed future generations!

By sponsoring a butterfly, you or a recipient of your choice will receive a personalized card detailing their sponsorship, accompanied by a Greenway pollinator sticker.


$125 Sponsor a Bird

The Greenway hosts many native and migratory birds that snack on seeds and fruits and help spread them far and wide, or even pollinate flowers individually. The Greenway’s diverse plant ecology provides a unique opportunity for birds to thrive in an urban environment.

By sponsoring a bird, you or a recipient of your choice will receive a sponsorship package including a sticker and a card detailing their sponsorship, as well as echinacea seeds gathered from The Greenway to grow your own beautiful native plant with seeds that many songbirds enjoy snacking on!


$200 Sponsor A Bee

There are many different bee species in the park that work hard to help our ecosystem thrive! From The Greenway’s three hives of honeybees, to the wild mining bees, mason bees, and bumblebees, our bee polli-neighbors can be seen throughout the park, and often make use of our pollinator hotels to rest or hibernate!

By sponsoring a bee, you or a recipient of your choice will receive a personalized card detailing their sponsorship, a small jar of honey produced from honeybee hives on The Greenway, and a Greenway pollinator sticker.