What are the Greenway hours?

The parks are open from 7AM to 11PM every day.   Pedestrians, however, may walk through the parks at any time.

What are the different parks within the Greenway?

The Greenway is a mile-long ribbon of parks and green space designed through an extensive public process. Listed from South to North, there are five parks:

What’s the best way to get to the Greenway?

The Greenway is located in the heart of downtown Boston, so getting here by public transportation is easy.  Check out our directions page to see what’s best for you.

Where are the restrooms located?

North Station, South Station, and Faneuil Hall Marketplace offer public restrooms. Neighboring hotels and restaurants offer public restrooms as well. This Greenway map shows nearby restrooms.

What kind of food is available on the Greenway?

The Greenway hosts distinctive food vendors in the parks, and a seasonal farmers market in Dewey Square Park. Read about the great options found on the Greenway.

How long does it take to walk the Greenway?

It takes about 30 minutes to walk the entire length of the Greenway. However, with so many great sites and views, food vendors, and activities scattered throughout, we encourage you to take your time!

Is the Greenway wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the Greenway is fully wheelchair accessible. The Greenway Carousel is wheelchair accessible as well.

When do the fountains run?

The fountains operate from approximately mid-May to mid-October from 9AM to 11PM.

How can I participate in a walking tour of the Greenway?

We offer a number of Horticulture Tours each year, visit our tours page for details and to sign up. 

What kind of plants are growing in the Greenway?

Our What’s in Bloom blog features up-to-date information about what’s growing on the Greenway.

Does the Greenway have Wi-Fi?

Yes! Thanks to a partnership with the City of Boston, the Greenway now is now one of the largest free public Wi-Fi hotspots in Massachusetts. Check out our Wi-Fi section on how to connect, troubleshooting tips, and acceptable use.

Can I bring my dog to the Greenway?

While there are no designated dog parks on the Greenway due to space limitations, feel free to bring your dog to the Greenway, but please keep him/her on a leash and clean up after him/her.  We work hard to keep the parks clean and healthy for the number of children who play in the grass.

Where can I lock up my bike?

For the safety and enjoyment of all Greenway visitors, biking is not permitted in the parks, partly because the paths and plazas are crowded. Please lock up (or walk) your bike. You can find several bike racks on the Greenway; refer to our bike rack map to find the bike rack most convenient for you. 

Can I use a personal grill on the Greenway?

For the safety of others we do not allow grilling.  However, if you find yourself hungry on the Greenway, there is great food on and near the Greenway. (Greenway vendor Silk Road BBQ even grills over charcoal!)

How are the Greenway park rules enforced?

Greenway park rules and regulations are enforced by the Greenway Park Rangers, Conservancy staff, and when necessary, the Boston Police Department.

What projects are happening on the Greenway?

The Projects in the Planning Phase page is a great resource to find out about possible future improvements. You can also read our Blog, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates.


How do I hold an event on the Greenway?

Organizations and individuals wishing to hold a public event on the Greenway are welcome to apply for a park permit through an application process with the Conservancy and the Boston Parks and Recreation Department. Please visit our Submit an Event Proposal page to find out specific information.

Do I need to make special arrangements if I want to bring a group to the Greenway?

If you're bringing a large group to the Greenway to visit, you do not need to make arrangements, however, if you are planning an event you will need to contact the Events Department of the Conservancy first.

What events do you have for kids?

We have lots of great events for kids, including Game On!, story time, activity carts, and of course there's always our fountains, great for kids of any age. See this handout and our events calendar for more information.

Can I get married on the Greenway?

Currently, weddings and other private events are not permitted on the Greenway; however the parks offer a beautiful and unique opportunity to take wedding photos. See "Can I use the Greenway for a film shoot?" (below) for more information.

Can I use the Greenway for a film shoot?

Groups wishing to use the Greenway for a commercial film shoot (still, or motion) must apply for a park permit through an application process with the Conservancy and the Boston Parks and Recreation Department. Please visit our Submit an Event Proposal page to find out specific information.

Get Involved

How can I help the Greenway grow?

We welcome your donation and/or your assistance as a volunteer.

How can I volunteer with the Greenway?

Please visit our Volunteer site for more information or contact our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@rosekennedygreenway.org.

How can I stay connected to the Greenway?

Join us as a volunteer, follow us on TwitterFacebook, or our Blog, or join our mailing list to learn the newest information about the Greenway.

Mothers’ Walk

How do I purchase a Mothers' Walk paver?

Our Mothers’ Walk page has information on purchasing a paver.

Where is the paver I purchased?

Use our Locate a Paver tool to find a specific paver on the Greenway.

Horticulture and Design

How are plants selected for the parks? 

Four landscape design firms selected the original planting plan for the parks.  The Conservancy's horticulture staff is now working with the plantings that were installed to determine which plants are adapting well to Greenway conditions, and offer four seasons of interest and color.  The Horticulture staff makes careful decisions when selecting the plants for the Greenway.  Based on climate and growing conditions, the Horticulture staff works hard to bring out the best in the Greenway.

Who cares for the Greenway plants?

Using organic landscape maintenance practices, the Conservancy horticulture staff works to ensure that the plants on the Greenway grow healthy and beautiful.  The Conservancy is dedicated to operating and maintaining the Greenway parks in an environmentally responsible manner. Responsible land stewardship is central to our mission. Learn more on our Horticulture page, or follow our blog

We also have a very active Volunteer Program, in 2013, we saw over 810 volunteers contribute over 3,500 hours of work. Find out more at our Volunteer Page.

Why isn't there more green on the Greenway?

The Greenway design includes significant ‘hardscape’ because it was designed to accommodate large civic gatherings. Additionally, since it is positioned directly above the Interstate 93 tunnel, there are some areas that are too shallow to allow for trees or other greenery.  Also, the trees and plants are still in their early growth phases and as they mature there will be a much stronger sense of green within the parks; the tree canopy in particular will expand significantly over time.

How can I learn more about the Big Dig and the history of the Greenway?

The Greenway connects people and the city by providing beauty, fun, and a sense of community in Boston. The Greenway sits above Interstate 93, the major artery built underground during the Big Dig.  To learn more about the history of the Big Dig and the Greenway, check out the Masschusetts Department of Transportation's Big Dig section of their website.

The Greenway Conservancy

Who owns the Greenway?

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation owns the land and operates the highway beneath the Greenway. On August 11, 2008, Governor Deval Patrick signed legislation giving the Greenway Conservancy responsibility to maintain, program, improve, and manage the Greenway. The Conservancy has a lease with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

What fundraising goals were established for the Conservancy?

When the Conservancy was first established, it was charged with the responsibility to raise $20 million in endowment and other funds by the end of 2007.  The Conservancy met that goal, as certified by external auditors accepted by the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority.  The Conservancy continues to raise money to support daily and seasonal park maintenance, special events and performances, and educational programs for students, families, and life-long learners.

What is the role of Kennedy Family?

The Kennedy family helped in the initial stages of fundraising, and they continue to be supporters.

How do I make a compliment, comment, or complaint?

Please feel free to email us at info@rosekennedygreenway.org.  We're eager to see what you have to say!

What jobs are available with the Greenway?

For employment opportunities at the Greenway, please check periodically for employment updates on our Jobs page.

How can I apply to be a vendor on the Greenway?

If you are interested in receiving email notifications about future vending opportunities, please email your contact information and a short description of your business to vending@rosekennedygreenway.org. You can also learn more on our Doing Business with the Conservancy page.

Who maintains the parks?

The Conservancy is the designated steward of the Greenway. We are delivering on the promise of a beautiful, vibrant, innovative city park. The Conservancy raises private and public funds to support the parks, aspiring to excellence in design, operations, and public programming.

How do I make a media inquiry?

Please contact us at 617.292.0020 for all media inquiries.

Can I use/obtain pictures of the Greenway for a project I'm working on?

Individuals wishing to obtain photos of the Greenway should submit a request to programs@rosekennedygreenway.org listing the type of photo (e.g.: specific park, park feature, horticulture, event) and the general use (e.g.: advertisement, research).

I lost something on the Greenway. Who should I contact?

If you lost something on the Greenway, please contact our office (185 Kneeland Street, Boston MA 02111; M-F 9AM-5PM) with a specific description and any other identifying information of the item you lost. We will try to contact individuals if the lost item contains some means of identification (wallet, license, cell phone, etc.); if contact cannot be made by the Conservancy within 30 days, these items will be donated or disposed of. Please contact 617-603-7729 or e-mail our Park Rangers to confirm whether the item was found.

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