Our Mission

The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy is a private, non-profit corporation dedicated to raising broad-based support to ensure standards of excellence in the design, sustainability and use of the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway. To secure the Greenway’s future as one of America’s foremost urban parks, the Conservancy will advocate for standards of consistency and excellence in design; manage its operations, working collaboratively to create, finance, promote and coordinate public programs and events; and raise adequate and stable funding to support the long-term sustainability of its public uses.

Our Vision 

The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway will be a first class urban park where people discover beautiful public spaces, human connections and engaging experiences.


The Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy is committed to operating and maintaining the Greenway parks through sustainable landscape practices. 

We believe that the Conservancy’s role is to: 

  • Be a leader in implementing sustainable landscape practices
  • Cultivate broad community support for and partnership in “greening” the Greenway
  • Promote public education about the importance of responsible land stewardship.

When speaking about the landscape, “sustainable” is often used interchangeably with “organic”. The goal of a sustainable landscape is a net-zero “environmental footprint”.  A sustainable landscape demonstrates a harmonious relationship between the natural and created environment. Proper soil management, plant health and resilience, air and water quality, and resource conservation are all part of designing, installing and maintaining a sustainable landscape.

Organic practices are the core of a sustainable landscape.  Organic means avoiding the use of toxic pesticides, herbicides and fungicides for horticultural care, and avoiding toxic chemicals or compounds for maintaining or repairing hard surfaces. 

To be truly sustainable, the Conservancy looks beyond the landscape.  Our park environment is closely tied to our social and economic environments. We must use the land and our public spaces in ways that ensure the same or better conditions for future generations.

To us this means beautiful, green healthy landscapes; healthy communities and community building through programming, and the ability to maintain both by securing a responsible, healthy financial base and practices.

Key Benefits of Sustainable Landscape Management Practices on the Greenway


  • Offer a healthy, environmentally friendly public space for park users – particularly children 
  • Support the Boston Harbor clean-up efforts by reducing discharge of excess chemicals from the Greenway parks runoff
  • Minimize solid waste processing through composting
  • Conserve natural resources through water management


  • Reduce maintenance costs by developing resilient plantings that require less labor and materials
  • Optimize life-cycle performance of park infrastructure and horticultural collections
  • Increase marketability of adjacent real estate
  • Reduce costs of water and electricity


  • Promote involvement and investment in broader community objectives
  • Contribute to overall quality of life
  • Promote park users’ sense of pride and investment in their public assets
  • Create robust community building programming in the parks


The Greenway is committed to a park that is safe and welcoming to all park visitors. Part of that commitment was the implementation of a park ranger program. In 2014, we launched the Greenway Park Rangers Program. Greenway Rangers regularly walk the park during operating hours and serve several important functions:

  • Provide ambassadorial services to park visitors, including handing out maps and providing directions to local attractions on/off The Greenway
  • Immediately report illegal conduct to law enforcement
  • Make referrals to social services agencies for any park visitors who may be in need of medical or social services assistance
  • Alert Greenway staff when encountering any potentially unsafe circumstance in the park
  • Enforce Greenway's Park Rules 
  • Form relationships with a number of neighbors and stakeholders throughout the Greenway District

Rangers need to care about the Greenway and be excited about the philosophy of the Conservancy.  Rangers need to have strong people-skills, with a strong desire to educate, assist, converse, and at times, cajole folks. Rangers need to have a drive to educate themselves about the Greenway and Boston and in doing so, become the best park ranger they can be.  And rangers need to have the altruism to do the advocacy and outreach that needs to be done to help those in need.” - Trina Alexknovitch, Senior Park Ranger 

The Greenway Park Ranger Program is supported in part by Citizens Bank

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