North End Improvements

This project was made possible by a grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund with matching support from Normandy Real Estate Partners and Harbinger Development and other private funds.

The Conservancy has embarked on a set of improvements in the Spring of 2015 in the North End Parks. Work began on Monday, April 6th and was completed in late September 2015. Here's our press release announcing the start of the project.

The Scope of work for the 2015 North End Improvement Project included:

1. Rehabilitation of the Boxwood beds in the North End Park north of Hanover Street (also known as Parcel 8) Look at a snippet of the planting plan

2. Rehabilitation of the Pergola bed in the North End Park north of Hanover Street, matching work done in the Pergola bed south of Hanover Street in Spring of 2014.

3. Resurfacing of the entire pergola in both North End parks.

4. Replacement of all 21 benches in the North End parks.  Eight of the benches will be replaced with swinging benches suspended from the Pergola, with two installed north of Hanover Street and six installed south of Hanover Street.

5. Replacement of bollard lights through out the North End parks.

6. Replacement of light fixtures in the Freedom Trail walk.

7. Resurfacing of the railings stained by treated fountain water in the North End parks.

 Project Schedule (as of October 1, 2015)

  • Removal of plant material in the Boxwood planting beds to be rehabilitated (north of Hanover Street.) - COMPLETE
  • Resurfacing of the Pergola in both North End Parks. - COMPLETE
  • Resurfacing of the Railings. - COMPLETE
  • Installation of plants and trees in the Pergola bed located north of Hanover Street. - COMPLETE
  • Planting of the Boxwood planting beds. - COMPLETE
  • Replacement of the lighting fixtures in both North End Parks. - COMPLETE
  • Installation of additional skate board deterrents. - COMPLETE
  • Installation of swings and benches in both North End Parks. - COMPLETE

Public Process and Communication:

A number of meetings were held to solicit input on improvements and review recommendation scope of work.  Presentations are linked below with more information:

RFKGC North End Community Meeting Presentation 2-25-2015.pdf

 3.12.14 NE Community workshop FINAL.pdf


Questions and Answers:

Q: What is happening to the plants that you are removing?

A: Plants, bulbs and trees that are in good health will be removed and transplanted to other locations on the Greenway.  Plants not in good health will be removed and composted.

Q: Are you planting new boxwood plants?  Why not just use the existing ones?

A: Nearly all of the existing boxwood plants are in poor condition, largely as a result of being originally planted in an overcrowded double row.  A new variety of boxwood, named Green Velvet, will be planted.



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North End Improvements