Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sponsor a bench?

Visit our Bench Sponsorship webpage or call 617-603-7739 for more information or to sponsor a bench.

How long does my bench sponsorship last?

The plaque will remain in place for ten years. 

How much does it cost to sponsor a bench?

Bench sponsorship is $5,000. This includes the cost of creating and installing the plaque and ten years of display, with an option to renew. All proceeds go to support the Greenway Conservancy.

How many benches are available?

At this time, we have a very limited number of benches available for sponsorship.

What benches are available?

Please see our map of what benches are included in the initial bench sponsorship program.

Can I choose which bench I sponsor?

Due to the limited number of benches available, we cannot guarantee placement, but will do our best to accommodate reasonable requests. Your bench sponsorship order will be confirmed by a Greenway Conservancy staff member after purchase.

Why isn’t the bench I want available?

As this program is in early stages, we are not able to accommodate all bench requests. We hope to expand our sponsorship opportunities in the future. If there is a particular bench location you’d like to sponsor, please let us know!

What can I put on my plaque?

Plaques have a 35 character limit (including spaces). Please, no memorials, company names or logos, or similar. The Conservancy reserves the right of final approval for all engravings.

I changed my mind about what I want on the plaque. Can I alter it?

Due to the time, money, and effort that go into creating and installing the plaque, once the plaque inscription has been confirmed, it cannot be altered or removed until the ten years are complete.

For more information, please contact us at 617-603-7739 or email