Where will my paver be placed?

Most paver locations along The Mothers’ Walk are already full! Your paver will be installed in the next available location on The Greenway. The Mothers’ Walk runs through our Wharf District Park, beginning at Mercantile Street by the Greenway Carousel and winding its way south to High Street at Rowes Wharf. We cannot guarantee a specific location.

When will my paver go in?

Pavers are installed in the order in which they are purchased. Installation is limited to fair, warm-weather days and is highly dependent on variables such as weather and ease of paver placement.  Pavers are not installed between November and April, during the winter. Pavers ordered in the spring and fall may take between 1-5 months to install. 

Will I be notified when my paver is installed?

Yes! Once your paver has been installed, you will be notified via email or phone.  At that time, you will also be provided a link to the Mothers’ Walk website that has a paver location system by which you can find your paver on the Mothers’ Walk. 

What is the size and price of the paver?

The size of the paver is 6" x 6". Each paver costs $500, a portion of which is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law, with the exception of the value of goods and services provided.

What will my paver look like?

Pavers are high-quality, concrete pavers with a texturized surface. Your inscription is engraved and then filled with charcoal litho-chrome paint for readability and long life. When first installed, they appear darker, but will fade over time to blend with all other pavers on the path.

Can I select the color of my paver?

Our engraver selects the appropriate stones for engraving. Paver color cannot be selected and varies from tan to gray. 

What can I put on the paver?

You can put the name of the person you are dedicating the paver to, a date, and one of the pre-selected statements.

How will the date appear?

The date text is one font size smaller than the name and inscription and is formatted as MONTH DATE, YEAR. For example: January 17, 2010. This is consistent across all pavers, and we cannot change this format. We do not allow for date ranges or year spans on pavers. 

Can I dedicate a paver in memory of someone?

You may, but there is no memorial language on the Mothers’ Walk, so we cannot write “in memory of” on a paver or include year spans. For memorial pavers, you many include one of our preset inscriptions on the order form.

Can I include a company logo in my inscription?

In keeping with the community character of the program, logos and symbols are currently prohibited in the Mothers' Walk.

Can I buy multiple pavers?

Yes, you may purchase multiple pavers, but you must fill out one order form per paver. 

Can my two pavers be placed together?

Pavers that are ordered at the same time can be placed next to each other.

Can more than one person dedicate a paver?

Yes! We encourage families, teams, students, and friends, to collaborate on the purchase of a paver for that special parent, mentor, coach, or teacher.

How long will my paver last and can it be replaced?

Your engraved paver has an anticipated lifespan of approximately 10 years. If your paver is cracked or broken during this period, we are happy to replace your paver at no additional charge to you. However, please know that engraving on the Mothers' Walk pavers will naturally fade over time as they are subjected to wear and tear on an active public park pathway; pavers can be replaced for a fee of $87.

Can I receive extra copies of the certificate?

The first certificate is included in your paver order. Additional copies or replacements of your certificate can be purchased for $15 each through our general donation form with a note in the comments and we will contact you.

Can I share my Mothers’ Walk Story?

Yes! Over 2,500 individuals are honored with an inscribed paver on the Mothers’ Walk, and many paver donors have shared their personal stories with us. We’ve heard tales of friendship and love that inspired tremendous gratitude and appreciation for the honoree’s presence in their lives. Please send us your story!

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes. The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy, Inc. is a non-profit Section 501(c)(3) organization. A portion of your donation to the Conservancy is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law, with the exception of the value of goods and services provided.

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