Write to Honor

Purchasing a paver on the Mothers’ Walk has given many people an opportunity to be a part of Boston’s effort to reconnect its neighborhoods. But to include those members of the community who might not be able to purchase one, the Greenway Conservancy reserved 100 pavers to be awarded to the winners of the Write to Honor program.

The Greenway Conservancy’s Write to Honor program was created to give children and seniors a chance to honor their loved ones on the Mothers’ Walk. Working with program partners in the Boston Metro area, the program has touched thousands of individuals, promoting literacy and creativity among participants and encouraging them to recognize their role models. 100 winners of the Write to Honor program were selected and awarded a paver on the Mothers’ Walk.

In accordance with the Greenway’s commitment to the citizens of Boston, Write to Honor strives to unite people of all ages, ethnicities and economic circumstances on a common ground.

Write to Honor Winners

America SCORES
Citizen Schools
Nazarro Center
James Otis Elementary School
YMCA of Greater Boston

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