Snow Day GreenPLAY

Snow days aren’t just for being indoors! When Boston Public School calls a snow day, we invite parents, caregivers, and children to come and play with us on The Greenway to build and play with snow! We’re making snow forts, snow igloos, snow gardens, and more! We’re playing snow tag! We’re making snow paintings!

Snow Day GreenPLAY events will take place on BPS snow days when conditions are reasonable and safe to be on The Greenway. Conditions we look for when planning a Snow Day event include:

  • temperatures and wind chill factors above 20°
  • normal visibilityl or only moderately impaired
  • winds less than 20 mph (on The Greenway; The Greenway winds are much higher than in other parts of the city)
  • light or no currently snow falling
  • no other forms of precipitation

We will be updating Facebook followers by 10:00 am on the day of a BPS snow day to let everyone know if, when, and where we'll be out. Stay up to date on our Snow Day GreenPLAY here

*Please note that all children must be accompanied by a guardian.

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