John Craig Freeman

Roadside Detritus, 2019

Fossil Fueled, 2019


Artist Statement

John Craig Freeman has contributed two augmented reality public art experiences for The Greenway, including Fossil Fueled, a whimsical representation of the history of fossil fuel consumption, and Roadside Detritus, a poetic contemplation of U.S. Route 1, which was once routed along the same path through Boston that makes up the Rose Kennedy Greenway today. 

These projects will allow users to view and explore world-scale virtual representations of the detritus of an era of optimism based on the freedoms afforded by the automobile and the interstate highway system. Roadside Detritus was produced along the remaining U.S. Route 1 through Massachusetts from Attleboro to Newburyport. The artist traveled the historic highway scanning residual evidence of the utopic mid-twentieth century automobile culture. Fossil Fueled includes a collection of virtual gas pumps, dating from the 1920s to the 1970s. Some have become unmoored, spinning in midair.

About the Artist

John Craig Freeman uses emerging technologies to produce large-scale public work at sites where the forces of globalization are impacting the lives of individuals in local communities. He seeks to expand the notion of public by exploring how digital technology and mobile networks are transforming our sense of place.

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