Nancy Baker Cahill

Collision, 2019

Speed, 2019


Artist Statement

I interpret the human body as a site of ongoing struggle and resistance.

In drawing, video, VR, AR, and original sound, I attempt to isolate simultaneous moments of exertion, violence, defiance, and stillness in my graphite and digital mark-making. I am equally interested in power dynamics and how they shift, strain and contract. On paper and in virtual space, my process is deeply physical. My hope is that this energy is present in the experience of the work.

My move to digital drawing in three dimensions is a natural extension of what began (and continues) on paper. It allows for an empathic and immersive expansion of my ideas, as well as the ability to introduce traditional drawing into an uncharted technological arena. 

Access to art is essential to me. My goal is to offer unexpected perspectives to new audiences that in turn provoke conversation and affect a broader cultural dialogue.

About the Artist

Nancy Baker Cahilfounder of 4th Wall, a free AR app. A 2018 TEDx speaker, she was also profiled in Bloomberg’s Media Art + Technology series. She is a Desert X 2019 Biennial artist and received an LA City Hall "Impact Maker to Watch” Award.

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