Will Pappenheimer

CarPark-X, 2019

CarDrop-V, 2019


Artist Statement

The two augmented reality works developed for The Greenway represent my interest in shifting spatial and object relations with respect to the preponderance of virtual worlds overlapping the physical environment. Through various processes of simulation, modification and media collage, I hope to alter familiar functional modes.  

CarPark-X envisions a future airborne parking system which allows the citizenry to release antigravity cars for collection into a giant sculptural ball and then retrieve them upon request.

CarDrop-V follows the common fantasy corresponding to a physical world challenge of dropping cars from high up in the air, only to watch their surreal fall and collision when they reach the ground. In this case the car and gravitational atmosphere are virtual and the landing is non-destructive and unpredictable. 

About the Artist

Will Pappenheimer is a Brooklyn artist working in new media, performance and installation. He has pioneered augmented reality art for nine years. His projects have been featured at venues including the Whitney Museum of American Art, LACMA, Los Angeles, the San Francisco MOMA, and Bloomberg TV’s Art + Technology series.

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