Multi-year Installations

Harbor Fog

By Boston artist, Ross Miller features three vertical stainless steel sculptural beacons, inspired by Boston Harbor navigational buoys, billows of fog, LEDs, and a sound system, are surrounded by recycled granite seawall stones placed in the shape of a boat.  Harbor Fog is located in the Wharf District Parks and is motion sensitive to people who walk by, or children playing, all of which activate the unique sculpture, and make it a great place to both play and relax on warm days.

The Abstract Sculpture, located in Armenian Heritage Park on the Greenway, is a split dodecahedron mounted on a reflecting pool, represents the immigrant experience. Annually, the two halves are reconfigured symbolic of all who pulled away from their country of origin and came to the Massachusetts shores, establishing themselves in new and different ways. The water of the Reflecting Pool wash over its sides and re-emerge as a single jet of water at the center of the Labyrinth, representing hope and rebirth. The Sculpture is dedicated to lives lost during the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923 and all genocides that have followed.

The Labyrinth, located in Armenian Heritage Park on the Greenway, is a circular winding path paved in granite and set in lawn, celebrates life's journey. A single jet of water and the symbol of eternity mark its center. Art, Service, Science and Commerce are etched around its circle in tribute to accomplishments and contributions made to American life and culture.

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