Botanica, 2009

Botanica by George Sherwood, was a graceful 35 foot tall brushed stainless steel sculpture that depicted leaves reaching towards the sky reflecting the sunlight, moving in the sea breezes that passed through the neighboring arch of the Rowes Wharf building, and served as a symbol of Boston’s newest, expansive green space.

Botanica was originally chosen by a juried panel in a collaborative project between the Conservancy and the UrbanArts Institute of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. The exhibit ran from July 23, 2009 to December 2010.

About George Sherwood

Sherwood is an award-winning sculptor whose works have been featured in parks, sculpture gardens at museums, and botanical gardens around the country, but particularly in New England. His sculptures explore systems that incorporate space, time and the relationships between dynamic objects. The choreography of each piece is governed by a set of basic movements, facilitated by an arrangement of rotating joints and aerodynamic surfaces. The wind provides an unpredictable element of improvisation. Light, landscape and weather are integral to each sculpture. Many of the sculptures echo the vitality and gestures extracted from nature. The swaying of grass in a windy meadow, a flock of birds diving and swooping over the marsh, and the craning of a bird’s neck are patterns of movement that he has employed to give life to static forms. Sherwood is a member of Boston Sculptors and the Royal Society of British Sculptors for more information please visit George Sherwood Sculpture.

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