Color Commons, 2013

Color Commons was an interactive public art  work by artist collective, New American Public Art. It was commissioned as part of the Greenway Conservancy's 2012/13 Winter Lights series and was exhibited on the Greenway from January 2013 - April 2013. A second version of the project was commissioned by the Play program in January 2017 and is currently still active. For more information about that version please visit Color Commons 2017

The artwork allowed the public to change the color of the Rose Kennedy Greenway Light  Blades by sending text messages. Participants could write any color they could think of and send it to the Light Blades number; instantly all the Light Blades would change to the texted color.

More about the technology behind the 2013 version of the project can be found here

And an in-depth discussion about the Rascal microcontroller that did the heavy lifting in 2013 can be found here


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