Georgie Friedman, 2012

Two of Georgie Friedman's video installations were commissioned by the Greenway Conservancy and Boston Cyberarts, in partnership with the National Park Service and Boston Harbor Islands Alliance. They were on display for a one night exhibition as part of the Greenway Conservancy's 2012/13 Winter Lights series.

Georgie's video installations often feature natural elements (such as sky, water, ice, etc.) and are projected onto architecture or constructed sculptural elements. Each video concentrates on the natural light and movement of the particular element, while the installation aspect alters the usual physical shape, properties or scale of the element. By removing and changing the context of the natural world images, the installations become unexpected, contemplative and sometimes overwhelming spaces.

The presentation of each video installation work, is influenced, or modified for the particular space in which it is shown.

Overhead Current



Electrified Sky

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