Modern Dance, 2010

by Jacob Kulin

Modern Dance, by Boston artist, Jacob Kulin, was unveiled at the “Bright Lights for Winter Nights” celebration on December 21, 2010. The sculpture was selected by a panel of jurors via a call for entry released by the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway in November 2010. The work was on display for an 18-month period on the Greenway's Urban Arboretum in the Wharf District Park.

This artwork was a 26-foot high freestanding, abstract sculpture crafted from wood and steel to resemble a human body in motion. A large, rectangular fir beam acts as the torso of the form and holds all components together. This old-growth timber beam was reclaimed specifically for this installation and brings a piece of Boston’s history into the center of the city’s modern greenway. A key element of the composition is an asymmetrical line delineated by a curved, 60 year-old hickory tree. 

A tall, central stainless steel mast creates a dynamic visual effect and also provides support for the structure.  Physical tension within the work further expresses the movement of an upward reaching abstract modern dancer.

About the artist

Jacob Kulin is a Boston based sculptor whose work is strongly influenced by Scandinavian design and natural elements. Clean, modern forms and the use of innovative materials define his recent works. Kulin received a Masters of Fine Arts degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art and his Bachelors in Fine Arts from Skidmore College. Precise fabrication and attention to detail are fundamental to Kulin’s work. While metal and wood are favored materials, he has experimented with other media, creating additional interest and activity within his sculptures.

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