2022 Season Wrap Up: Events and Partnership Intern

17, Oct, 2022

Written by Wendy Zhu, Events and Partnership Intern

As my internship comes to an end, I’m reflecting on my experiences on The Greenway this summer, from riding the Greenway Carousel with Executive Director Chris Cook, to weeding out crabgrass with Big Sister Boston and our Horticulture team, to the countless laughs shared with the Programs team at events. I learned how everyone has such a unique view of the park that makes the space more special because there is a space on The Greenway for everyone that visits!

My position worked closely with the Programs and Outreach teams, allowing me to explore my interest in marketing events and event planning. I am a student at Northeastern University studying Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. Knowing this, the Conservancy was able to adjust to my interests and I was given the opportunity to be more involved in the marketing of our events and managing social media. Working half my hours in the office and the other half outside at the events was truly the perfect balance for a summer internship.

As a Bostonian, I have always been fascinated by the aspects that comprise a community, especially the cultural enclave that is Boston Chinatown. I was responsible for the Greenway Chin Play Sessions every Thursday from 4p to 6p, bringing play and fun into the Chinatown community. This meant I had to schedule time in my calendar to make bubbles every week in the office; coworkers would walk by and have a spark of serotonin as they saw bubbles floating across the ceiling. Although we were there every week, kids would run up to us with the same enthusiasm every time as if experiencing it for the first time again, letting me forget about my worries for the time being. Week after week, I watched the kids master making giant bubbles, develop new friendships, and find creative ways to play with giant Connect Four despite not being tall enough to reach the top.

Some of my favorite events were the movie programs we hosted in the park. From Coolidge on The Greenway in the Rowes Wharf areas to Films at the Gate in Chinatown, the communities in both neighborhoods were brought together to enjoy a film under the stars. Watching the sunset while residents filled up the lawn with blankets and lawn chairs with my fellow interns, Madeleine and Eliza, revealed the remarkable resilience of public events after the pandemic.  

However, my top favorite has to be an event that the other interns and I produced ourselves–, Truck and Tractor Day. We were able to bring more than 15 vehicles (and a horse!) to The Greenway, which is more than we ever thought we could get in the beginning stages of the event planning process. Watching coworkers from our office come out to support us and line up for free ice cream provided by the Boston Police, as well as the tremendous amount of support we got from the Horticulture, Maintenance, and Programs team was so meaningful. The most rewarding part of planning an event for me is seeing people enjoy themselves and capturing those moments.

Although I may no longer have the Greenway Conservancy uniform or the MassDOT badge, I will always feel a special connection to The Greenway and an admiration for the people that make The Greenway not just a public green space, but a community. I will never forget the experiences, lessons, and friendships I have built during my internship. To the staff at the Greenway Conservancy, I thank you all for your part in my journey! It is not “goodbye” but rather “see you later”!

Summer workforce development opportunities on The Greenway are made possible with the generous support of Citizens.