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Visiting The Greenway

Welcome to the Rose Kennedy Greenway, a mile-and-a-half of contemporary parks in the heart of Boston. The Greenway, a roof garden atop a highway tunnel, connects people and the city with beauty and fun.

Food Trucks

From Chinatown to the North End and from the farmers’ market to food carts, terrific options for refreshments, meals, and shopping abound on the Greenway.

Greenway Carousel

Welcome to the Greenway Carousel, a one-of-a-kind carousel located at The Tiffany & Co. Foundation Grove! Take a spin on an animal native to Boston!

Plants & Landscapes

We are proud to showcase a wide variety of trees, shrubs and plants along the Greenway, we strive to offer year-round horticultural interest and beautiful blooms throughout our 15 acres!


Our seven water features are among the most popular attractions on the Greenway!

The Z - Boston Zipline

Spanning 220 feet, the zipline will carry riders across The Greenway, offering riders a unique view of downtown Boston, the waterfront, and The Greenway.

Park Features

Discover the many unique features of the Greenway. Each section of the Greenway has something new to see.


The Greenway offers several free tours each year led by our staff.  Come join us on one of our tours held from May through September.

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