Balancing Act, 2017

Aakash Nihalani


  • Using a variety of mediums from masking tape to metal, Aakash Nihalani creates minimalist geometric forms on two-dimensional planes that simulate three-dimensional interactive experiences. Exploiting the malleability of human senses, Aakash’s site-specific artworks modulate our spatial perceptions to provoke surprising and often humorous moments that interrupt the routine of our everyday life.

    Balancing Act is comprised of two playful sculptures of tilting and toppling blocks caught in a state of suspended animation. In Balancing Act I, a tower of six cubes appears to fall over as the middle one is pulled out of alignment. This center block serves as an invitation to the viewer to become an active participant; by placing their hands on the sculpture, they become the catalyst for the impending narrative. Balancing Act II depicts haphazard blocks precariously piled up, seemingly just a nudge away from collapse. The sparring undercurrent of structure versus disorder in both works reflects the contrast of The Greenway against the surrounding urban landscape, as well as the delicate relationship between nature and industrialization in our world today.

  • Aakash Nihalani was born in 1986 in Queens, New York and is currently living and working in Brooklyn. He received a BFA from New York University in 2008, and is widely known for his ephemeral tape installations.