“Botanica” returns to the Greenway

19, Apr, 2010 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

Marathon tourists strolling the Greenway this morning with cameras in hand were delighted to see a sculpture put together in a matter of minutes.

George Sherwood’s delightful, kinetic sculpture “Botanica” returned to its temporary home on the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway just south of High Street, across from the Rowes Wharf arch. The piece will remain up until the early winter.

“Botanica”, installed with the generous support of a private donor, suffered damage during a windstorm on Thursday, February 25.  The piece was removed immediately, repaired and reinforced to engineer’s specifications.

Today is a gloriously breezy day to get outside and see “Botanica” gracefully spin. Got a good photo of “Botanica” to share? Add it to our Flickr pool where you can find some of the most stunning photos of the Greenway.

"Botanica", by George Sherwood

George Sherwood's "Botanica" returns to the Greenway