Castle Speaks Podcast: Spaces Of Hope

30, Aug, 2017 Gavin Damore

The Greenway is proud to partner with local youth organizations on unique programming opportunities. The Castle Square Tenants Organization (CSTO) is a group we’ve been thrilled to begin working with this year. Located in the Castle Square Apartment complex in Boston’s South End, the organization has programs for children, teens, and adults.


The Teen Program at CSTO, led by Madi Muhlberg, engages teens with current events and social justice issues while exploring arts ideas and new media processes. Recently, they have launched a podcast, Castle Speaks. This April, CSTO teens were inspired to do a live recording at Mehdi Ghadyanloo’s mural, Spaces of Hope, at the Greenway Wall. This season’s podcast thematically centered on fear, inspired by current events and their own experiences living in Boston as communities of immigrants. The teens’ bonus podcast episode rpuecorded on The Greenway, explored ideas of hope.

On April 19th, teens came to Dewey Square with a pop-up interactive for their bonus podcast recording session. Armed with audio recording equipment and an extra large white-board, teens invited visitors to discuss their hopes for the future and their thoughts and interpretations of Ghadyanloo’s mural.


The Greenway’s Public Art and Public Programs are pleased to spark and support larger community discussions about art, the future, and our collective hopes & dreams.

Listen here: The first ~22 minutes are the teens’ ideas about hopes, fears, etc. The segment about Ghadyanloo’s Spaces of Hope begins at 22:10.

Opinions stated in the podcast are those of the teenage speakers and not the opinions of The Greenway Conservancy.