Citizens Bank Investing Locally in The Greenway

28, Jun, 2016 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

Many partners and individual donors have made The Greenway’s gardens and promenades a truly special place. Since The Greenway’s inception, Citizens Bank has been a committed partner in our mission to connect Boston with the beauty and fun of The Greenway, contributing to educational programming, the Greenway Carousel, park maintenance, and safety priorities.

Citizens Bank originally helped bring one of The Greenway’s most coveted items, the Greenway Carousel at the Tiffany & Co. Foundation Grove, to Boston. Our one-of-a-kind carousel, which is accessible to individuals with sensory, physical, and cognitive disabilities, welcomes thousands of children, families, and adults alike. Understanding The Greenway’s impact on the surrounding community, Citizens invested as a lead supporter of our Greenway Park Rangers Program, which helps us ensure a safe and welcoming park experience for all.

“The Greenway sits in our backyard in downtown Boston,” explained Rick Musiol, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, New England, “and at Citizens Bank, we strongly believe in investing in organizations that make a positive impact in our communities and focus on areas that we believe will fortify the economic vitality of our neighborhoods.”


Rick Musiol of Citizens presents The Greenway with their Park Ranger contribution

With park offerings that span horticulture, public events, public art, and volunteerism, The Greenway has over a million visitors each year for these activities alone. Our two full-time Greenway Park Rangers interface with visitors, serving as Greenway ambassadors who share information and answer questions, and they assist those who require city services, including those seeking shelter or help with addictions.

“Their presence allows The Greenway to carry out its charge, providing art, free events, and maintaining a beautiful roof garden park,” disclosed Rick, “meanwhile aligning with our goal to strengthen communities and invest our resources in places that make our neighborhoods thriving places for residents and visitors.”


Citizens Bank Volunteers on Earth Day

Giving back in whatever ways they can, 30 employees from Citizens’ Education Finance team also joined us on Earth Day to clean up benches, trash bins, and tables around the Greenway Carousel at the Tiffany & Co. Foundation Grove on The Greenway for all to enjoy. “Our volunteers know the value of community investment and support the places where we live and work,” shared Rick, “They also know how important the work of The Greenway is to the city of Boston. We’re thrilled that our colleagues get excited about giving back and dedicating their time to causes that are meaningful to them.”

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