Caroling on The Greenway with Cassie and Jing

As we wrap up our Caroling on The Greenway series, join us for a down-to-earth music event featuring a jazz-influenced vocalist and guitarist. Experience a mix of blues, soul, R&B, indie contemporary, and more, with a focus on heartfelt pop love songs. Our female lead performance promises an authentic and intimate musical atmosphere. Cassie and Jing will be performing in the North End at the Hatchling on The Greenway from 2:o0p-3:00p.
Be sure to check out our last performance in this series as well!
Tuesday, February 20, 2024, from 2p-3p in the North End on The Greenway
  • Skye Darling & Drew Keeve, a string and vocal duo


Photo Credit: Studio HHH

This event was made possible through funding provided by the GreenwayBID.