Chinatown Lion Dance Parade

2022 Chinatown Lion Dance Parade
Time: Sunday, February 13, 2022, 10AM – 3PM
Starting Location: Phillips Square, Chinatown (near the intersection of Harrison Ave and Beach St)

In Chinese culture, the lion dance is performed on special occasions, such as Chinese New Year, to chase away evil spirits and misfortune and welcome prosperity and good luck. The lion is a symbol of power, wisdom, and superiority.

Each lion is operated by two dancers, and the dancing lions are accompanied by drummers and cymbalists. The lions come in different colors, generally white, yellow, black, silver or green, which signify the age and character of the lions.

Chinatown’s annual Lion Dance Parade in celebration of the Chinese New Year starts by Phillips Square (near the intersection of Harrison Avenue and Beach
Street) and features multiple lion dance troupes. As the lions parade throughout Chinatown, you may notice many businesses leaving out oranges and lettuce heads (auspicious produce) to welcome the dancers to their storefronts for the luck and good fortune the lions bring.