Greenway Augmented Reality Tour

Come learn more about the Greenway Conservancy’s Augmented Reality Art

As part of public art on The Greenway, the Augmented Reality (AR) exhibit blends interactive digital elements into our real-world environments. Viewers will be able to explore contemporary artwork as well as the history of The Greenway site, from city to transportation corridor to park!

In partnership with Boston Cyberarts, the Greenway Conservancy commissioned three prominent AR artists and a local historian to conceptually explore the themes of transportation and the automobile superimposed with views of The Greenway, combining the past, the present, and the future.

In the tour, you will learn how to use the app while also getting to view some of the 16 stations along the park, viewing both contemporary artworks and historical images.

We request an RSVP for all attendees – please RSVP here!

Before the tour:
Download the Hoverlay app for apple or android. This will allow you to view the AR during the tour as well as before or after!

Meeting Location: Please meet in front of the Super A Mural on Dewey Square

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to view, engage with and document Augmented Reality through your mobile device. This tour will be led by a Greenway Park Ambassador. This tour is a reoccurring event, and is free and open to the public. Registration is required and tours may need to be cancelled in the event of poor weather. Invite others, and share your experience online with our tag #GreenwayArt!

For visitors interested in learning more about the rest of the Public Art on The Greenway, please consider signing up for a Public Art Tour!