Mary Soo Hoo Park Anniversary Celebration

Join us to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Mary Soo Hoo Park! 

Mary  Soo Hoo was a longtime community activist that was devoted to improving the safety and quality of life in Chinatown and the city of Boston. She opened the first hair salon in Boston’s Chinatown. Mary’s leadership and commitment to change led her to become a founding member of many committees and organizations in Chinatown. She knew the importance of breaking barriers and reaching outside her community to get the resources that her community needed. Mary received many honors and awards for her extensive community work, among them are the Red Cross Clara Barton Human Service Humanity Award and a “Heroes Among Us” recognition by the Boston Celtics.

Located at the southern end of The Greenway, Mary Soo Hoo Park occupies a small but heavily used area in Chinatown and has a tremendous impact on the surrounding neighborhood. The park is well used by the community, serving as a gathering place for residents of all ages, and a gateway for visitors to Chinatown and The Greenway. This park represents Mary Soo Hoo’s dedication to making Chinatown a place where families could grow in a safe and nourishing environment.

Join the Soo Hoo Family, the Greenway Conservancy, and the friends, family, and connections of Mary Soo Hoo to celebrate her memory and this space. 

Event begins at 12:00pm with a speaking program at ~12:30pm followed by a lion dance by the Kwong Kow Chinese School and a music performance by Juk Sing. Activities will be provided by Chinatown Main Street, Pao Arts Center and the Greenway Conservancy. Light refreshments will be provided.