MassArt 150th Anniversary: Iron Pour on the Greenway

To celebrate the 150th Anniversary of MassArt, we will use hot iron to highlight the most important thing we have built together: our community. This spectacular performance pays tribute to all those who have come through our program over its 16 years, linking the generations to each other, both figuratively and literally. 3000-degree molten iron will illuminate their names, throwing sparks into the night sky as a memorial wall is constructed. Simultaneously, students and alumni will work together pouring structural wedges that become physical joinery. These connections hold through iron fireworks, dancing green flames, and the glow of the possible. We will witness barriers burn away, and doorways reveal themselves through the ashes. As this group unites in what can only be described as a “fiery family reunion,” the MassArt Iron Corps will choreograph the elements, with the strength that comes from a deep reverence for this material and each other.