Tai Chi Paradigm by CCMAA

The American health care system faces many challenges today. An aging population facing, symptoms of obesity, stress and declining health, all symptoms of age related degeneration, is turning to preventive medicine that can keep them from having symptoms in the first place. More and more doctors and health care providers are prescribing “exercise” to their patients. This is a positive development, but not all exercise is created equal. Not all exercise is appropriate for everyone. Based on the ancient Wu style Tai Chi form, the Tai Chi Paradigm is an organized, systematized and complete program that can be learned by, and benefit anyone and everyone! The creator, Master Calvin Chin, has over 50 years of teaching experience. The Tai Chi Paradigm Program is the culmination of that experience and understanding. This exercise program uses slow, no impact movement in a set sequence to improve proprioception, balance, circulation and reduce stress. Tai Chi Paradigm is a training system developed to maintain, improve, and prevent age-related degeneration of neuro-muscular motor skills. It is a distinct set of exercises and concepts of spatial patterns. The practice of Tai Chi has evolved into a self-healing art, particularly after research placed it as an evidence base practice intervention in: PTSD, Neurological Conditions, Osteoar- thritis and Hypertension while also beneficial in fall prevention and improving cognitive performance. Come learn the myriad benefits and demystified teaching methodology to this exciting and effective program which does not require any experience. Join Mynor Diaz of Calvin Chin’s Martial Arts Academy for a Tai Chi class for all ages! 


This class is part of the 2023 Greenway Fitness Season, presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.