Twerk with Tyh

Join Tyh the Dancer for a dynamic dance fitness class on The Greenway! Starting with warm up, Tyh invites participants to check in with their bodies and establish a strong mind-body connection – isolations, stretches and conditioning set the tone for class. Tyh starts with a warm up to the space with some across the floor travel steps including but not limited to animal walks before a water break that transitions to dancing. The class teaches west, north, east and South African dance techniques as well as more modern African American Twist and Jerk styles foundational to twerk. The class ends with a cool down with a cypher circle that allows participants to play with what they learned in class in a safe setting to build confidence in their own style with twerk as the foundation. This twerk fitness dance workshop will leave you feeling invigorated, powerful and connected!


All levels welcome. Register link coming soon.

This class is part of the 2023 Greenway Fitness Season, presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.