Fall Crocus and Colchicums

23, Oct, 2015 Darrah Cole

It’s that time again… time for fall blooms! I’m not sure if it’s the thought of the looming winter or the freeze warnings suddenly bombarding your phone, but there is something truly magical about fall bloomers. Whether it’s the classic annual Mum that catches your eye or the show-stopping perennials such as Asters and Anemones, fall flowers give us a zesty pop on top of our already amazing foliage show!

Colchicum dc






Personally though, nothing is cuter than the fall Crocus and Colchicums. Now, if you’re a bulb person, you know there are a many different bulbs for all seasons, but these two in particular, are a whimsical kind of special. Standing at a whopping six inches tall these purple delights will have you far exceeding eleven ‘likes’ on Instagram (right in the sweet spot)! This year we have added both Colchicum cilicium and Colchicum speciosum, along with Crocus sativus to our collection.













Whether you’re a horticulturist or just have a keen eye, you’ll notice that the posture of these bulbs is quite amusing. See, they pop out of the ground as just a fairy white/ translucent stalk topped with a flower! There is no foliage… and you may be thinking to yourself, how does this work?! Well, both of these bulbs send out their foliage in the early spring time, photosynthesizing and collecting the sugars which will help produce a beautiful flower later in the fall. When you’re working with any bulb, it’s important to remember that while the foliage is hardly ever going to turn heads, the longer you can stand it (heck let it lay!) the more amazing your flower will be. Check out these little bulbs under the Echelman Sculpture (until 10/25) in Fort Point! Happy Fall #GreenwayHort.

Written by Victoria Hiney, one of our Seasonal Horticulturists.