Full Schedule of Fun: Events and Partnership Intern Sabrina Feldman

29, Aug, 2023

It’s hard to summarize an entire summer at The Greenway into a single blog post. There are dozens of events happening at the park every week, so I’ve had to scroll back through my (very full!) Google Calendar to remember just how much I have done over the course of my internship as a part of the Programs team.

I started my internship at The Greenway excited to have a hand in the planning of events and programs that take place in the park, but had only a vague idea about what that would entail. I am not from the Boston area but moved here for college, and I had only been to The Greenway a couple times before. With so many different programs going on over the course of the summer, I’ve been able to have my hand in a little bit of everything, as well as really get to know The Greenway and all of the amazing places and people to be found in the park.

I am definitely biased because I was in charge of it during my internship, but my favorite Greenway program by far is the Play Sessions in Chin Park, which happen every Thursday from 4-6pm during the summer months. From showing babies how to blow bubbles to facilitating very intense games of The Floor is Lava, it was always the highlight of my day to help kids have some fun, just as much as it was likely the highlight of their days, too. It was great to see the same kids come back week after week, and it will be sad to have to tell them goodbye for the last time on my final day of Play.

Another program that the other interns and I helped coordinate was Coolidge at The Greenway. As someone who loves hosting movie nights, it was exciting to help facilitate this on a much larger scale. I was impressed with how attendees arrived hours in advance, claiming the perfect spot on the lawn to watch the movie that night. Sitting under a tent with the other interns while eating snacks, waiting for the event to start is one of my fondest memories of the summer. I am also grateful to have had the chance to help improve Coolidge at The Greenway, not only to impact the event this summer, but also for years to come.

I also enjoy live music, so being able to help with and attend events with this component was a huge perk of my job. After assisting the Folk Arts Center of New England with load-in for their first dance class on Dewey Square, I was able to participate (just for a little bit, as folk dancing is exhausting it turns out!), and appreciate the music that was being performed as people danced and had fun. Boston Lyric Opera’s Street Stage was also very impressive, even though parking the giant mobile stage in the perfect spot on Rowes Wharf Plaza was definitely a team effort. And although it was not an event I worked on, rushing over to the North End after Play to go to Jazz in the Park was a fun way to end my work day.

There are countless other things I wish I could include here about my time at The Greenway. I’ve had so many cool experiences, like learning how to drive a van onto the park, trying (almost) all the food trucks, resisting the urge to buy something every weekend from the Artisan Market, and going on boba runs with the Programs team.  I am most grateful for the chance to learn and grow in such a fun, supportive environment. I can’t imagine a better way to have spent my summer, working in such a pretty park with such wonderful people. It will be hard to leave The Greenway after the last day of my internship, but I know it will not be my last time there, as I can’t wait to come back and visit my favorite place in Boston again.

Summer workforce development opportunities on The Greenway are made possible with the generous support of Citizens.