Greenway Week Reflections

24, Oct, 2019

For Greenway Week, our 10th anniversary celebration, we asked the public to share some of their favorite memories of the past ten years on The Greenway; below are the responses we got back (minus some duplicates). Thank you for celebrating with us! 

A walk during the lunch time

The Greenway exemplifies Boston at its best. I mean The Greenway is the place where I go to balance, and feel one with the American Landscape.  

All the beautiful Public Art projects…. hands down

Attending Diner En Blanc in 2017 and watching fellow attendees dance in the fountain in their beautiful white outfits. 

Being able to have Boston GreenFest on The Greenway and doing it the “Green” Way!!! 

Birding on The Greenway 

Bringing my children to Carousel!

The Greenway Carousel

Jazz in the Park Summer Concert Series in the North End Greenway Park!

Cooling off in the fountain on a really hot day.

Countless hours spent by the fountain thinking, writing, and taking pictures. 

Diner en blanc 2017

Daily lunchtime walks, the zip line, the neon signs, the Carousel

Artworks by Echelman, OsGemeos, and Risa Puno

Every time I take the Greenway as part of my commute to work or when out and about downtown! 

Everytime!!!!!when I am there it’s relaxing I love it!!!! 

Filming the murals!

The food truck festival on The Greenway 2 weeks ago. 

Free Workouts 

Getting dessert from Bova’s late at night and sitting on the greenway with friends eating, talking, and laughing. 

Glow in the Park 2019 

Glow in the Park 

Great neighborhood 

Greenway Gala 2019

I like everything on The Greenway. Thanks people, who keep it alive!

It’s beautiful and keeps the city aesthetically charming ! 

Janet Echelman’s “AS IF IT WERE ALREADY HERE” 2015 Sculpture -and- Glow in the Park 


Love to take walks on The Greenway during lunch time on my work days. 

Many moments but most recently discovering the labyrinth and walking it on a beautiful summer morning

Many to choose from, however the one I go back to is the first time I walked The Greenway at night. It was in the winter but unusually warm. The lights on the surrounding buildings were beautiful and The Greenway was peaceful and quiet – it felt like a beautiful oasis all to myself 

Many. But photographing the installation of Janet Echelman’s artwork from the top of 131 Oliver Street is probably my top Greenway moment. 

My daily walks on the Greenway 

My daughter making friends while running through the fountains

My favorite memory is walking from South Station through the brilliantly green and flowering spring landscape to stand under the Janet Echelman sculpture for the first time. 

My son loves this place a lot and the carousel

My sons love Greenway’s carousel. My family loves this place!

Opening our Pop Up Wine Garden – City Winery on The Greenway.

Planting allium bulbs

Proposed to my wife 4 years ago at Christmas

Riding on the swings and listening to concerts this past summer. Concert for one also. Thank you so much!! 

Seeing the Rings Fountain colored light shows for the first time! So many great moments and memories!

Our first day on Dewey Square, we were the 2nd food truck on The Greenway, after Clover. We had some of the most epic lines of customers. Chef Ming Tsai came to visit our truck on Dewey Square. Many moments with friends just enjoying the beautiful open space.

So many. Top three: Kids playing in the water features, art exhibits and having picnics with friends.

Strolling through The Greenway, on a beautiful evening, with my buddy Paul after a concert. A memory of him and I that I will always treasure.

The Ai Weiwei Chinese horoscope sculptures!

The annual young professionals event a couple years back! what a fun event! 

The GALA!! 

The movies during summertime, the food trucks, street vendors, carrousel, performances everything in there is beautiful for kids and adults. My favorite place to spend time.

The Rooster 3-D printer in Chinatown Park. 🙂 

The transformative summer of the Janet Echelman Sculpture!

There are lots of good moments on The Greenway, but watching happy children splashing in the spray and water is my most enduring favorite. 

There are so many. I really just enjoy walking my dog, Sully, and seeing the incredible changes that occur often. It’s such a gift having this park 

Too many to list! Too many to mention – The Greenway is a gem! 

Visiting the underground pumps for the new water fountain. 

Volunteering at The Greenway and watching it grow! I walk it often. 

Walking The Greenway from the North End to South Station enjoying how mature the plantings and trees have become 

Walking The Greenway on a warm summer morning and feeling like I was is a small forest in the country Ahhhhh! 

Watching children enjoy the fountain and seeing the old neon signs. 

Watching King Kong on the big screen.

Watching the children squeal with delight as the water shoots in the air and splashes down on them in the summer! 

Watching the Echelman sculpture blow in the spring breeze!