Growing Greener

9, Jul, 2012 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

Green & Grow Graduation

The Green & Grow Apprentices came to us with a great deal of individual experiences and have collectively grown by sharing those experiences, and creating new ones, with one another.  We became a single unit, a family, a tribe.  It was especially easy to see how close we have all become at our final presentations— we delivered a seamlessly produced presentation highlighting each of our experiences with the program.

Each person chose a different way to present their accomplishments, but the overall goal was the same— “share your experience.”  Attendees saw creatively produced videos from Sam and Hugues, heard a metaphorical story (of climbing a mountain) with pictures from Diana, a narrated slideshow from Noelia and Asha, and a heartwarming speech from Francisco, which you can read below.

From Left: Jess, Noelia, Diana, Asha, Francisco (front), Kent, Nancy, Sam, and Hugues

To celebrate, we went on a canoe trip on the Ipswitch River on Bunker Hill Day.  Kent, our Outdoor Education Director, is an experienced paddling instructor and taught us a lot about paddling techniques and some fun games to play in a canoe.  We were also lucky enough to discover new animal life on the river including huge black river snakes and a great blue heron.

Sam, Noelia, and Asha practicing their paddle strokes

It has been such a wonderful year for all of us here at the Green & Grow program and we are pleased that we continue working with most of our Apprentices through the summer, in the Green & Grow Internship program—a more intense, full-time, experience.

Thank you to everyone, guest speakers, program partners, program donors, and the Conservancy for making our experience possible!

Asha looks on as Sam and Kent check out the river bank

Francisco’s Reflection:

It was September 15, I remember it was a beautiful day and my birthday was the day before. The 15th was my first day working with the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy and the Green & Grow program. I felt kind of anxious and nervous. Something kept playing in my head over and over like a tape recorder saying “I hope my first day at work turns out well”. When I first stepped in the building I had the feeling you get when something good is coming your way. But, my first weeks of work, I wasn’t really into it and there wasn’t a lot of desire to learn in me. As time went on I realized that having this job is an opportunity to learn something new about nature and the great outdoors. My mother always told me ‘’termina lo que enpesaste” meaning finish what you have started, so I decided to stay and give it my best.

The first field trip to Project Adventure was very fun and I had a wonderful time because I had the chance to share and get to know my fellow teammates. I’ve never been in a group that keeps me laughing so much and participating in all our team building activities, I can say I have a great, funny, and fun team. Throughout the year I learned to be a very responsible young man. I have learned to express myself while giving a presentation and my nerves are dead and gone. I have learned that hard work, dedication, and an open mind can get you places and open doors for you and your future. I’ve learned things don’t always come how you want it, there is always a wall you have to break so things in life can be clearer and easier to deal with, nothing in life is easy or free. This year is been a blessing for me because learning about nature is like learning about how things evolved in our history. An example, would be telling the time by looking at the sun position, or sitting in an open space closing your eyes and listening to your surroundings like the wind, rain, birds, it is so amazing to listen because if you really focus you can hear everything at the same time and tell which is which. Also, learning how to track animals using our senses; like smelling and seeing footprints to identify the animal.  It’s very cool and kids my age should really experience nature’s great outdoors because nature is a wonderful thing to experience and is where we evolved and learned how to survive and accumulate knowledge for a better living. Working outside helping the Horticulture staff has been more than a pleasure because keeping the park clean and looking good is important for people to enjoy their surroundings.

I want to thank Jessica and Kent.  First of all I want to thank Kent for being there when I needed him especially when it came to future plans he gave me the light to think outside the box thanks Kent.  Second of all I want to thank Jess for being there for me during my aggravated and sad moments. I always thought that Jess had the power to sense my mood right away I guess since this is my second year working with her she had the time to get to know me well, thanks again for being there. Last but not least my funny-fun team I think each and every one of you for making this year really fun I have really, really enjoyed this year with the Green & Grow.

And also, I want to thank the Greenway Conservancy for not only giving me the opportunity to earn money but for also saving me money—I won’t have to ever hire someone to build a raised bed for me, or plant a tree, or do any kind of garden work!  I already know how to do it, and can help others to learn too.