Healthy parks = healthy people

17, Mar, 2010 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

We’re excited about the buzz around our food vending RFP!

Here at the Conservancy, we believe that options for food and drink in the parks will truly add to visitors’ enjoyment of the Greenway.  Whatever the menu may be, having good food conveniently available in the parks for a quick snack or a quiet lunch on a bench will provide a much-needed public amenity.

So that all can enjoy the Greenway, we are seeking a range of food price points offered on the Greenway.  As is stated in the RFP “offerings must include affordable options…Proposals are encouraged [to be] inventive and interesting, and diverse enough to satisfy a broad section of the population”.  We want our parks to appeal to as many people as possible, so diversity in the food offerings is important.  So far we’ve heard from people who want to see everything from fresh fruit, to barbeque, to hot dogs, to vegetarian options. Also, as the RFP mentions, we want to work with great local partners. These are our aspirations for the pilot program, but the quality of applicants and the proposals we receive will ultimately determine what is sold.

We all want to see the Greenway become what was envisioned, and the Conservancy is doing its part to create healthy parks. Because we believe healthy parks equal healthy people; and healthy people make for healthy communities. We will learn from this small one-year pilot program and go from there.

The food vending RFP is available publicly on our website for all to see. Have an opinion on the kind of food you would like to see on the Greenway? Let us know by writing to [email protected].