Hello Greenway

21, May, 2021

Written by Chris Cook, Executive Director

As I have joined the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy, I am humbled by the warm reception I have received from the staff at the Conservancy, the Board of Directors, the leadership and members of the Business Improvement District (BID), MassDOT, our programmatic partners, elected officials, and our neighbors. There truly is a sense of community around this park and I have felt very welcomed into it. 

In my first three weeks, I have had the pleasure of attending live performances, watched volunteers hard at work to beautify the park, and witnessed the transformational art of Daniel Gordon being installed. I have marveled at the expertise of our Maintenance staff as they carefully completed the installation of pavers for the iconic Rings Fountain. I have seen the joy of Chinatown families being reintroduced to the Greenway PlayCubes with new colorful safety surfacing. I have taken far too many pictures of allium blooms and walked far too slowly through the park to admire the Horticulture staff’s handiwork. 

These moments, and countless others, are made possible by the incredibly dedicated staff of the Conservancy, who have stepped up in what has been a challenging year for all. Throughout the pandemic, The Greenway has been a source of hope, healing, and connection for so many and their work ensured this open space remained truly open. 

It is a work culture that reveals leadership at many levels and also speaks volumes about my predecessor, Jesse Brackenbury. His contributions to Boston will have an impact for years to come; our city is better for his service. 

The Greenway is a park like no other, which makes it especially relevant in a time like no other. As the construction of the park physically united neighborhoods following the Big Dig, our programming can celebrate and embrace cultures and communities beyond our downtown. As our city reopens, the vibrancy of The Greenway’s public art, programming, and beauty can create excitement for visitors and those returning to work. It isn’t just a reopening. It is a reimagining and a renewal. 

For those of you I haven’t met yet, I can’t wait to see you on The Greenway.