Juneberries have arrived on the Greenway

8, Jun, 2010 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

It’s June and the Wharf District Parks are blooming with Juneberries! Members of our horticultural staff recently transplanted Juneberry trees from the future site of the Boston Harbor Pavilion and are pleased to announce the trees are doing well and bearing their sweet treats.

Juneberries in the Wharf District Parks

The Juneberry, also known as the Serviceberry, Shadbush, or Saskatoon, is a native of the Northern Hemisphere and can be found in every state except Hawaii.  The small, dark purple (when ripe) Juneberry fruit is edible, and is said to rival the blueberry in flavor and sweetness.

The Juneberry tree is commonly used as an ornamental shrub because of its white summer blossoms and bright fall foliage.

Keep an eye out for Juneberries this month on the Greenway!