Leather District Community Workshop Recap

28, Oct, 2013 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

Leather District Community Workshop Recap

Greenway Conservancy Offices, 185 Kneeland Street

Wednesday, October 9, 2013 7:00 -8:30 PM

 This post highlights the input and feedback that we received from attendees at our Leather District Community Workshop on Wednesday October 9, 2013.  Thanks to all those who attended and gave us their thoughts…

Download/View a copy of the presentation that we used.

The Leather District community members present were engaged and provided thoughtful feedback on a number of issues regarding the Greenway. Of particular interest was the idea of the Greenway Conservancy taking on a number of small pocket parcels currently owned by MassDOT and not included in the Greenway’s lease including the area next to CMART and the Leather District Gateway Park. Conservancy staff noted that they are open to the discussion of taking on additional parcels but the conversation needs to include MassDOT addressing any repair and upgrade needs before turning them over and providing additional operating funds. Additional police presence was also discussed as a need for the community in taking on these parcels from MassDOT.

The Greenway Mobile Eats program was also highlighted by the residents in attendance and they inquired about the process of choosing the vendors, the earned income potential and the future plans for the program in the park. The idea of a food kiosk or other semi-permanent seasonal structure was also well received by the community.

There was discussion of the 120 Kingston project in Chinatown and the impact to the park during construction. Residents inquired about any mitigation to the park from the developer, it was noted that the Conservancy was not at the table at the time of the project negotiations but that they have indicated that they will be good neighbors to the Greenway. Conservancy staff noted that there are a number of development projects in the pipeline along the Greenway and that we will have a seat at the table to ensure that the park benefits from those developments.

The Greenway has a robust volunteer program and the residents of the Leather District expressed interest in being more involved in the volunteer projects in the park. Conservancy staff indicated that they would do additional outreach in the LDNA area and create a few neighborhood specific projects for weekend participation.