Mobile Eats: Kick*ss Cupcakes Throwsdown

10, Oct, 2012 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

We got the low down on this Saturday’s Food Truck Throwdown from organizer and Kick*ss Cupcakes owner, Sara Ross.

Kick*ss Cupcakes on the Greenway

How is operating on the Greenway different than elsewhere in the City?

When you park on the city streets, it’s definitely an urban vibe – you’re on the streets and part of all the city hub bub.  But when you park on the Greenway, you get a chance to enjoy and watch other people enjoy all the scenic beauty.  And it is beautiful!  It’s so nice to be able to park my cupcake truck there and have Kick*ss Cupcakes be part of the Greenway experience.

What’s your best-selling cupcake on the Greenway?

The best selling cupcake is Cookie Dough, which is a vanilla cupcake with a chocolate chip cookie dough center, vanilla icing and a chocolate drizzle. It is a favorite of both kids and adults.

If you made a special Greenway cupcake, what would the flavors be?

We did make a cupcake last year for an event on the Greenway and it was a “Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy” cupcake, vanilla cupcake with a rose scented raspberry jam center, pink rose scented icing and garnished with a white chocolate rose. I would also love to experiment with elderflower as a flavoring and as a tribute to all the beautiful floral  landscaping on the Greenway.

What inspired you to put together the Food Truck Throwdown?

Food truck festivals are happening all around now, but I wanted to take it to the next level and add another layer of excitement. And with all the sports rivalry between Boston and NYC, I knew that the inaugural Food Truck Throwdown should  kick off with a battle, Boston vs NY.

What are some of the highlights planned for Saturday?

I’m very much looking forward to meeting the NY truck crew. We’ve been coordinating via phone and exchanging emails with them for months to make this happen, so it will be great to see all their trucks roll in and finally meet them.  Other highlights include a scheduled appearance by Mayor Menino who is a big supporter of the food trucks in Boston and the judging of the Throwdown. The judging panel is Jenny Johnson from NECN’s TV Diner,  Chef Lydia Shire, Councilor Mike Ross and Jill Epstein from Where to Eat. And since this event is all about food, I am really excited to see the crowd hanging out on the Greenway digging into the truck food fare, relaxing on the lawn, playing games and enjoying the whole scene. We’ll also have the crew from our sponsor, Jet Blue there to entertain those who are waiting in line at the food trucks to help make the time fly by…think thumb wrestling, paper, rock, scissors, name that tune. And of course, I’m looking forward to finding out who will triumph as Best Food Truck City, Boston or NY!