Modernizing The Greenway’s Graphic Identity

7, May, 2015 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

In early 2015, the Greenway Conservancy opened an RFP process seeking bids for Graphic Design & Creative Services principally tied to a campaign to announce and promote the forthcoming Janet Echelman public art sculpture. The sculpture is scheduled to be installed in early May 2015 and in order to publicize the piece and the Conservancy’s leading role in bringing the sculpture to Boston, the Conservancy sought and received significant in-kind donated ad space and sponsorship from the Boston Globe, Improper Bostonian, WBZ-TV, WBUR, Art New England, Massport, and the MBTA.

Through the RFP process, KHJ Brand Activation of Boston was selected based on their portfolio of past work, familiarity with The Greenway itself and the Greenway district, and a demonstrated passion for the Echelman project that led the firm to offer their range of professional services to the Conservancy pro bono for the entire campaign.

During development of the initial branding concepts for the Echelman project’s media campaign, KHJ analyzed how the campaign would fit with the existing Greenway brand and graphical standards. That process led KHJ to recommend that the Conservancy should capitalize on the considerable expected media exposure during the sculpture’s six-month run to align The Greenway’s brand with modern perceptions of the park and user vernacular in referring to The Greenway.


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2007 – 2015

     Greenway Logo


KHJ’s analysis of The Greenway’s existing brand and logo revealed several issues: “The logo doesn’t present the Greenway as a contemporary and innovative park in a major urban center;” “The Park is not displayed in its natural [North to South] orientation;” “The logo is hard to reduce, has many layers of hierarchy, and the meaning of the symbol falls apart in one color.” Many of these were issues known well to Conservancy staff and Board members, who have expressed at various times before and during the process that The Greenway’s current logo does not accurately portray the mission and vibrancy of the parks as they have evolved over time.

In using the following as their guiding ‘inspiration’ in pursuing a redesign – The Greenway is a bold contemporary park that intertwines with the heart of Boston – KHJ began a creative process that led to the development of The Greenway’s new logo (pictured above.)

It is important to note that the change solely impacts The Greenway’s logo. The Conservancy intends to leave unchanged The Greenway’s legal name (Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway), the name of its non-profit operator (Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy) and the group’s website ( The change in logo will serve to improve The Greenway’s graphical brand, align the logo with how Massachusetts residents most refer to the park, and offer a modern identity to a park that has carved out its place as Boston’s most innovative public space through over 300 free public events per year, an exploding contemporary public art program, the city’s most popular food truck program, breathtaking horticultural elements, the custom-designed Greenway Carousel, and status as one of the only all-organically maintained public parks in the country.

There was no cost to the Conservancy for the logo change and Conservancy staff performed an analysis with KHJ on how to roll out the new logo that calls for minimal spending outside of ordinary restocking and replacement (E.g. Letterhead, business cards, uniforms, park signage, etc.). Greenway Staff and KHJ representatives presented the change to the Conservancy’s Board of Directors during a regularly-scheduled, public meeting of the Board on April 7, 2015 and received approval. The Conservancy is thrilled with the result of this process and believes the public will have every reason to associate The Greenway with a contemporary brand worthy of its rapid ascent.

The Inspiration Behind Our Logo

Bold. Memorable. Simple. The new logo for the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy signals an exciting new direction in the Boston park scene. Featuring a modern, iconic design with an outline of the park weaving through the typography, the logo is easy to identify. And it captures the essence of what The Greenway is all about—a unique urban experience you won’t find anywhere else.