Monkey See, 2016

Don Kennell

  • The relationship that humans have with animals is profound. From the material to the spiritual, animals figure prominently in the evolution of the human species. Yet in the modern world, animals can become invisible and humans may easily forget the necessity of our relationship with them. By creating monumental sculptures, I hope to make animals visible and to bring particular species into human consciousness. Celebrating the Year of the Fire Monkey provides an ideal opportunity to reflect on our relationship with the natural world.

    The scale and material of “Monkey See” are meant to invoke the boldness, strength and determination of the Fire Monkey. By layering up metals to create the form, the sculpture is built through a concentration of fire. The monkey stands and watches as we go about our lives, with one arm slung over its head. The pose is civic yet quizzical; contemplative yet silly. “Monkey See” becomes a prop in a theatrical tableau where the viewer becomes the viewed. This challenges the viewer to complete the moment. The highly polished, touchable surface promotes interaction. The sculpture becomes a mirror and the viewer enters into a relationship with the monkey.

    Materials: welded steel, structural steel armature, glass, automobile lacquer