Mother’s Walk: Great for Fathers too!

3, Jun, 2013 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

mother's walk

Interview with Ace Peckham, RFKGC Development Department.

What is the Mothers’ Walk?

The Mothers’ Walk is a pathway in the Wharf District Parks on the Rose Kennedy Greenway.  The pathway is made up of 6×6-inch concrete pavers, many of which are engraved with names of inspirational caregivers.

As part of the Mothers’ Walk, the Conservancy runs a “buy-a-brick” program that gives everyone the chance to order one of these engraved pavers for their loved ones. For a $500 tax-deductible contribution, your paver will be inscribed and installed on the Greenway – and your loved one’s name will become a part of Boston’s history. There are over 2,300 inscribed pavers!

Is it only for mothers?

No, even though it’s called the Mothers’ Walk, that’s more of a symbolic name for anyone who’s ever played a nurturing role in your life. We also have fathers, spouses, grandparents, siblings, sons and daughters, other family members, and even pavers for famous people – like Duke Ellington and God! About 15% of the pavers are dedicated to males.

Where did the title wall inscription come from? It’s very touching.

I’m glad you think so! We were pressed to find an appropriate inscription to describe the depth of emotion associated with the Mothers’ Walk, so I thought about the women in my life – my own mother, sisters, mentors, friends – what they mean to me and what I would say to them if I could gather them all in a room, “To all who have cared, encouraged, inspired, laughed and loved, this Mothers’ Walk is dedicated to you… Thank you.”

What are the shortest and longest inscriptions on the Mothers’ Walk?

The shortest inscription is just one word –  Cyrus – and she’s actually man’s best friend: a dog! There’s one other pet paver that I’m aware of, for “Beans.” The longest inscription has got to be one of the Kennedy/Schwarzenegger pavers near the Rings Fountain.

To purchase a paver, visit or call at 617-603-7719.