National Public Lands Volunteer Day

2, Oct, 2012 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

Our first National Public Lands volunteer day on Saturday, September 29th on the Greenway had a rainy start, but by the time our 44 volunteers began to arrive at six different locations to dig into their tasks for the morning, the rain had departed and we had a cool, overcast day to tackle the mountain of work laid out by our horticulture and maintenance staff.

At Chinatown, volunteers joined in with our new Green & Grow Youth Program to weed the beds and plant mums.  On Dewey square, another group of Green & Grow apprentices used a environmentally friendly cleaner to clean-up several large grimy areas.

Our Chinatown team…

In the Wharf District, we began our first efforts to transplant plants and trees that need to be relocated for our new carousel project which will begin construction next spring.  These efforts will continue with several additional workdays to transplant trees and plants to other locations along the greenway.

In the North End, we had a group working to re-grade the gravel pathways on the main two parcels and we had a second group working with us weed, prune and clean-up the small parcel #5, as well several other beds to prepare for additional plantings.

Our thanks to our horticulture and maintenance staff who organized and led the efforts – Stu, Bob, Nick, Jason, Rey, Anthony, Darrah, Eric, Gary, Ian and Trey.