Growing Greener: a New Class of Apprentices!

5, Oct, 2012 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

In early September, we welcomed a new class of Green & Grow Apprentices and they’ve taken off running!

Team-building initiatives on Thompson Island

Like we do every year, we began our time together by taking part in team-building initiatives.  This year we visited Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center.  On the island, we honed our problem solving and communication skills and set off on the path to knowing and trusting one another.

Ursile and her teammates building trust on the island

During our second week, the Apprentices began to learn about the Greenway Conservancy and the parks they will be caring for all year.   They received a fantastic tour from our Superintendents of Maintenance and Horticulture—Bob and Stu.  Bob addressed the stonework, masonry, lighting elements, and even took us in the vault to look at the guts of the Rings Fountain.  Stu spoke about all of the horticultural highlights, planting design, and gave an introduction to our organic maintenance plan.  The Apprentices were surprised to find that the Greenway is mainly fed by one small box of worms that reside in our building!

Bob, teaching Andrew about the vault system under the Rings Fountains

And most recently, the Apprentices were a huge help during a large Saturday volunteer event, National Public Lands Day.  We had support from 44 volunteers who worked in the North End, the Wharf District, Dewey Square, and Chinatown to beautify and improve the Greenway Parks.  The Apprentices mostly worked in Chinatown, planting waves of fall color in the garden beds.

Shaquell and the Apprentices plant mums in Chinatown

Derek follows the planting crew with the hose to water the new plants

Look for the new class of Apprentices in the parks this fall, they’ll be tending the gardens and soaking up knowledge along the way!  You can learn more about each of the 10 Apprentices when you like us on our Facebook page here:!