Our Greenway Membership Program

26, Nov, 2012 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

Earlier this fall, we launched a new membership program. We spoke with Ace, our Development Associate, to find out how it came to be.

How long has the Greenway Membership program been in the works?

Greenway membership is something that the Conservancy has been talking about for a while, and the timing was just right to do a soft launch this year. The process began in January 2012 with a comparison of membership programs in Boston parks and similar parks throughout the country.

How did you come up with the different levels and benefits?
Based on comparisons with other parks, we developed a list of potential membership levels and benefits tailored specifically for the Greenway. First, we vetted them internally with our staff and the Board of Directors. Next, we asked for feedback from three different community focus groups made up of loyal donors, friends, and volunteers. Finally, we’re now holding our “soft launch,” and we’ve received a fantastic response so far!

What feedback that you received from the community surprised you most?
Our focus groups unanimously said that $60 was a good introductory level for membership. I thought it might be a little high, but apparently, the community values the Greenway and recognizes that someone who really wants to make a difference for the parks wouldn’t hesitate to make an annual $60 contribution. And looking at it another way, that’s only $5 per month! (Note: We’re pleased to offer monthly recurring payments as well as a one-time payment, so you can pay $5 a month for a year versus $60 all at once.)

In your opinion, what’s the coolest perk?
For people who consider parking in Boston a luxury, all Greenway members get discounted parking at select garages near the Greenway that are owned by Equity Office Properties. Another perk that I personally think is great – at the $250 level, you get a pack of 8 colorful Greenway greeting cards. To receive a handwritten note on a beautiful card is a rare thing these days, which is why I think it’s such a special gift to give to our members.

What’s your favorite place on the Greenway?
While I love spending time in all the parks along the Greenway, I think my favorite spot is Dewey Square. During the warm months, the broad expanse of grass provides a perfect spot for a picnic, and I can pick up lunch at one of the local Food Trucks or the Boston Public Market Association’s Farmers’ Market. I also love wandering through the pollinator, edible plants, and rain gardens along the west side (harvested veggies are donated to a local nonprofit).

View the Greenway Membership levels and benefits or join now.