pARTicipation! @FigmentBoston

7, Aug, 2014 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

If you’ve spent time during the work week on the south end of the Greenway, around Dewey Square and the Ft. Point Channel Parks, you’re accustomed to witnessing a scene like this:

It’s all business in Dewey Square

But two Saturdays ago, the neckties came off for FIGMENT, an interactive art festival run entirely by volunteers. Full of color, sound, curiosity and creativity, this group of talented artists brought the community together for an incredible day of play.

This temporary place-making event highlights what makes open space so unique; a blank canvas onto which everyone can project their own ideas, visions, and goals. Stay tuned for the Greenway’s next #parkart project on the #greenwaywall


See you on the Greenway!