Past, present, and future meet on The Greenway!

12, Jun, 2019 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy



The Greenway Conservancy’s Augmented Reality (AR) public art exhibit blends interactive digital elements into our real-world environments. Viewers will be able to explore contemporary artwork as well as the history The Greenway site, from city to transportation corridor to park!

The historic photographs shown within the augmented reality exhibit narrate more than a century of growth and change along The Greenway. These images capture the city’s changing economic prospects, its accommodations for new modes of transportation, and its embrace of city planning and modern engineering to address successive eras of challenges.


In a curatorial partnership with Boston Cyberarts and Hoverlay, the Conservancy commissioned three prominent AR artists and Amy D. Finstein, a local historian to conceptually explore the themes of transportation and the automobile superimposed with views of The Greenway! The artists include Nancy Cahill Baker, Will Pappenheimer and John Craig Freeman.

How to experience AR Art on The Greenway:

Access our FREE Greenway Wi-Fi network: enable your device’s Wi-Fi, then configure your device to use the “Greenway” network. Install the Hoverlay app and tune into “TheGreenway” channel to see content

AugmentedReality_Apple AugmentedReality_Google
Please note: the app requires recent operating systems: iOS 12.0 or later, or Android 7.0 or later. 


Type in your mobile browser, and follow instructions to install Hoverlay camera browser app on your mobile device


Use the Hoverlay app to explore the interactive installations here and at marked locations along The Greenway


Hoverlay is an augmented reality platform that revolutionizes the way we share information and tell stories by placing digital content right in the physical world.


Join us on a guided tour!

Sign up for one of our Augmented Reality tours, where you will learn how to use the app while also getting to view some of the 16 stations along the park, viewing both contemporary artworks and historical images.