Thanks for taking our call

10, Dec, 2009 Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

A big thank you to the volunteers and vendors who contributed time and services last night and Monday evening to the Conservancy’s first-ever phone-a-thon. Between the calls and our annual appeal letter campaign, the Conservancy has already raised half of our $10,000 fundraising goal to support public programs and events, and sustainable horticulture and maintenance! If you haven’t pledged to give, we hope you will consider a donation before the year’s end.

Congratulations to volunteers Margaret Ris and Caitlin Marlotte who respectively raised the most money Monday and Wednesday and congrats to runners up Jean Casale and Chase Hall. Thanks to our friends at Boloco Pearl Street and Starbucks One International Place for inspired food and drink.

And a special thanks to YOU, if you took our call. Connecting with past donors on the phone provides us with a better understanding of how you use the Greenway, why you love it, and how you’d like to see the parks evolve.